mardi 11 juillet 2017


* Tug me shirt (white) by  by ::GABRIEL:: at TMD

* Straight RollUp Jeans (light blue) by  by ::GABRIEL:: at ~Uber~ Monthly Event

* ~Guy ~&~Leonard~ poses by ❖K&S❖

samedi 8 juillet 2017


* Dario Jacket (with or without shirt) by KiB Designs for The Men's Zone Event

Cali Hat by  Katat0nik at Collabor88

Naju Glasses by  //Mulloy at Fameshed

* Cotton Pants (black) by ::GABRIEL:: for Man Cave

* Chucks Walking Dead by The Owl at Shiny Shabby

* SelfieGuy. Poses.1 (with Phone)  by ❖K&S❖ for Hipster Mens Event (July Round opens on 13th)

vendredi 7 juillet 2017


* Katat0nik -> Cali Hat at Collabor88

* Katat0nik -> Summer Drink Gacha (bluegreen RARE) at Okinawa Summer Festival

* ::K:: -> Bandana Scarf

* ::K:: -> Beach shorts

* Petit Chat -> Riing Flip flop plain colors

* [Hipster Style] -> Horny Tattoo at Kinky Event

* Ana Poses -> Hamburg

mardi 4 juillet 2017


* Katahaori (TMP) Blue from Katahaori set by ::GABRIEL:: for JAPONICA

* Koshikimono-Sarashi (TMP) Koiai from Katahaori set by ::GABRIEL:: for JAPONICA

* Koshikimono-summer (TMP) Koiai from Katahaori set by ::GABRIEL:: for JAPONICA

* Takageta Koiai from Katahaori set by ::GABRIEL:: for JAPONICA

* Sensei body tattoo by [Hipster Style]

* Karma head tatto by [Hipster Style]

* ~Guy ~&~Leonard~ poses by ❖K&S❖


* True feeling. pose 2 by ❖K&S❖ at Lost&Found Event

* Dark Cloak - Unisex by KiB Designs at The Darkness Event (Start July 5th)

* ~Rich~ poses by ❖K&S❖

Naju Glasses by //Mulloy at Fameshed

samedi 1 juillet 2017