lundi 30 octobre 2017

mardi 24 octobre 2017


* My outfits : Dark Crow Style Gacha by ::GABRIEL::  at Epiphany :

Crow Feather stole / Black
Long Jacket & open shirt (B+blood)
Cross strap boots & Pants (Black)
Bento Leather gloves

* Est 1987 Tattoo by [AR2 Style] for Men Only Monthly

* Cloche w/Skull from Dark Elegance Gacha by [ zerkalo ] at Shiny Shabby

* Wooden Crow from Dark Elegance Gacha by [ zerkalo ]at Shiny Shabby

lundi 23 octobre 2017


Katia is sitting on :

 Thonet Chair by Nutmeg   

with :

Single Poses #11 by The Owl
My pose : 

Static Male Poses #5  by WRONG & The Owl for Men Only Monthly


Industrial Pendant Light by Nutmeg

dimanche 22 octobre 2017


Thonet Chair by Nutmeg 

Industrial Pendant Light by Nutmeg 

On me : 

Villa Glasses by MULLOY x Patane

Est 1987 Tattoo by [AR2 Style] for Men Only Monthly

Pant Joggers by  COMPLEX for Shiny Shabby

Black leather Bomber by  ::GABRIEL:: 

My pose :

Static Male Poses #6 by WRONG & The Owl for Men Only Monthly

samedi 21 octobre 2017


Skin Leon (with Catwa head Daniel) by [ session ]

Eyes Blender Mesh v1.2 by [ session ]

Tatoo Black 1987 by [AR2 Style] for Hipster Mens Event

Hair & headphone Carmeron by Nutmeg and Entwined for Shiny Shabby

Pant Joggers by  COMPLEX for Shiny Shabby

Static Male Poses #5 by WRONG & The Owl for Men Only Monthly

vendredi 20 octobre 2017


POSE : Take a Pic by WRONG & The Owl


SKIN Leon (with Catwa head Daniel) by [ session ]

EYES Blender Mesh v1.2 by [ session ]

Katia :

SKIN Fiona (LAQ) - Tone01 by [ session ]

EYES Baby Blue . by [ session ]

mercredi 18 octobre 2017

lundi 16 octobre 2017


* It makes no sense to talk more (from Nansi Miller) by ❖K&S❖  for Limit8

I'm wearing :

* Off neck Pullover by ::K::  at TMD

* Extreme Tattoo by [AR2 Style] for Hipster Mens Event

vendredi 13 octobre 2017


* Audacity. Bento pose 1 by ❖K&S❖ at Hipster Men's Event

* Cockface Mask  (BLOODY + HUD) Gacha RARE  by *Katat0nik* at Epiphany

* Cockface Piercings (Exclusive)  by *Katat0nik* at Epiphany

* Extreme Tattoo by [AR2 Style] 

jeudi 12 octobre 2017


* Opposition. Bento pose 2 by ❖K&S❖ at Men Only Hunt

I'm wearing :

* Mathew Trench Coat by KIB Designs at The Men's Zone TMZ

* Villa Glasses by MULLOY x Patane

mardi 10 octobre 2017


* Peacoat Denim Jacket Black & Cotton stripe pants (Dark blue)  by ::GB::  at TMD.

* Roll Down Boots  by ::GB:: 

* Villa Glasses by MULLOY x Patane 

*  ~Rich~ poses by ❖K&S❖


Kimono Katakake haori (with katana & shoes) by ::GB:: at Matsuri 2017

~ Creative poses ~ 01 by ❖K&S❖


~Help Me Lose My Mind~ poses by :::K&S:::

Extreme Tattoo by [AR2 Style]

vendredi 6 octobre 2017


* Happy Clown Mask (perp/resize) by *Katat0nik*  at TMD

*  Old Boots  (clown) by *Katat0nik*  

*  Bento Prosthetic Hands (clown2+)  by *Katat0nik*  

 * All or nothing poses by ❖K&S❖

jeudi 5 octobre 2017


* Off neck Pullover by ::K:: at TMD (october)

* Plaid Pants by ::K:: at TMD (october)

* Opposition. Bento pose 1 by :::K&S:::

mercredi 4 octobre 2017


* Goth Anime Assassin : coat, pants & boots (bloody version) by KIB Design 

* Assassin Ninja Katana (bloody version) by KIB Designs for The Darkness Event

lundi 2 octobre 2017


* Off neck Pullover by ::K:: at TMD (october)

* Plaid Pants by ::K:: at TMD (october)

* Newsboy Cap by ::K:: at TMD (october)

* ~Rich~ poses 3 by :::K&S::: (top pic)

* Fearless. Bento poses 1 by :::K&S::: (bottom pic)


* Open your heart. Bento pose by ❖K&S❖ for Salem event

* Riders Jk open hoodie  by ::GB::